Friday, June 29, 2007

Bachelor Food

OK--So just because Anne's out of town doesn't mean I'm starving. I mean, granted, I do most of the cooking anyway, but you know how sometimes it just doesn't seem worth it to cook for one person. I know that most guys would just eat Ramen or something, but I don't want to get scurvy(you may not have known that potatoes are a good source of vitamin C--in fact, they are the top source of it for much of the world). Baked potatoes are my solution for a quick, healthy, tasty meal. I just throw a potato in the microwave for 6 minutes, slice it half (save the other half for later), sprinkle on some salt, pour on some hot chili, salsa, chopped tomatoes, cilantro and a little bit of sour cream. If you ask me, with all these toppings, there's no need for any butter. Healthy meal in less than 1o minutes!
Take that Rachel Ray!


emilyanne said...

Who knew a baked potato could be so pretty? Keep posting bachelor food and next time I go out of town I'll just leave a big note on the fridge for Nate:

"When hungry, visit Taylor's blog. No need for Taco Bell, Sweetie, no need!"

You are so great, Tay. Really. Thanks for you.

Sugar... said...

I'd even make these for my family! Tasty...and you know, after awhile the whole baked potato with sour cream, butter, and cheese can get a little old. Thanks for keeping up on this blog! It is so fun to learn new techniques in cooking!

The Ramptons said...

Tay, we just had baked potatoes tonight...with sauteed eggplant, spinach and asparagus, with fresh tomatoes on top. Thanks for the great idea. Keep em coming.

pam said...

I'm hooked - I followed the blink off of Sarah Robert's blog and I love it!

I have only one question - what kind of camera are you using? Your pics are fabu!

kate said...

Your a genius! I'm sure the only thing Mark eats while I'm away is cold cereal! Look at you eating all healthy without a wife to help...mine needs help eating veggies!

liz said...

Great, great, great idea as usual. Very do-able.