Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To most people, the idea of being passionate about a whisk might seem ludicrous, but alas, I find myself in awe of the wooden and stainless perfection of this specific whisk. The brand is aptly named "Best." I'm telling you that if you're ever going to buy a whisk (and if you don't have one you should), this is the one to buy. It is perfectly weighted and the wires are perfectly shaped (I prefer french to balloon-shaped), so using this whisk is a sort of therapeutic break from modern, electric, culinary comforts. Here's a picture of mine:
They're epoxy sealed where the wires go into the handles and all the metal is stainless, so water can't get up into the holes in the wood and they don't rust or fall apart.
I know most of you are just shaking your heads and thinking, "The perfect whisk? This guy is nuts" but I'm telling you, it's great.
I found it online at the kitchen store where I used to work for $9.95.
The website is: allysonsofashland.com

While we're on the subject of whisks, you may have seen the whisks with silicon-coated wires and wondered what purpose they serve. They are for when you need to whisk something in a non-stick pan. NEVER USE ANY METAL ON A NON-STICK SURFACE. If you are nice to your Teflon, it will last a very long time. If you scratch it up with knives, metal spatulas, the bottoms of other pans (that's right--don't stack things on top of your non-stick stuff), or even something as seemingly harmless as an uncoated whisk, you will soon end up with little bits of Teflon in your omelettes that look like, but do not taste like, pepper. Your pans will turn from non-stick to everything sticks. That is why you may want to consider investing in a silicon-coated whisk as well--same brand of course.

Happy whisking!


liz said...

Two most important qualities in a whisk -- one, it is dishwasher safe (hate handwashing) and two, there is more than one so I never have to stop and wash one in the middle of a two-whisk project. Very important tool!

chloe elizabeth said...

First of all...I love your blog.

Second, I am so with you on tools. Most of my kitchen tools are in storage right now, so I am stuck with one whisk and it's not my favorite. It's my big one. It's french, not balloon, but it has a stainless handle (not comfortable) and it is too big for most endeavors. I use it, but it's awkward.

I agree with Liz...multiple is important, along with different sizes.

And I don't think you're weird, but I don't know how valid that is, since I agree with you.

Have you ever considered working for Williams-Sonoma part-time or seasonally? They give a great discount (the main reason I worked there) and their return policy is fantastic.

Traci said...

Taylor, I think you are pretty much going to cringe when I tell you that we bought our current wisk at ........ duh duh duh.....the dollar store! But when I decide to grow up and get real kitchen tools, I will take your advice.

kate said...

Guilty as charged! I recently scratched up my non-stick pan. Bad Kate! It was a kind of accident...I was using a knife and I could have guessed what was going to happen. Luckily it's not a nice pan...it's a random story how I came about it, so I really should get a new, nice one. I won't bore you with the story as it is quite random, just like this comment. I love all your practical advice and stuff! I have a pampered chef whisk that I have loved, but I pretty much take what you say to be the gospel truth so I might need to get another?? I don't know!

ps. I need some Cropper time in my life already!