Friday, November 2, 2007

Salmon with Squash and Chard

This is another meal that looks kind of fancy but is really very simple and very healthy. The secret of course is in how you present it.

Peel and cube a butternut squash and steam it in the microwave until it's soft. Mash it however you do potatoes and add a little butter, some salt and a bit of brown sugar. Add all these things to taste (I like it sweet).

Cut a fillet of salmon into single portion pieces, spread a few drops of olive oil on each one and salt them. Lay them in a very hot pan and flip them once they get a little bit golden (probably around 2-3 minutes). Do the same to the other side then remove them from the pan.

Chop up a bunch or chard, (it's meatier than spinach with a little bit of an acidic bite, but not tough like kale or collard greens) this is what it looks like:

Throw the chopped chard into a pot of salted, boiling water and cook it for about two minutes until it's soft, but not too floppy. Drain the water, dump the chard back in the pot and add a tbsp. or so of butter and a splash of vinegar (apple cider would work nicely) or lemon juice.

I like to use a little cylinder to help me stack it all up to look pretty. I just use a Planter's nuts can that I cut the end off of. I place it on the plate, then put a bit of squash in, then some chard, the I pull it off and put the salmon on top. The extra height is much more visually pleasing than a two o'clock, six o'clock, ten o'clock arrangement.


emilyanne said...

Mmmm! I love chard. Where do you buy your salmon, Tay? Any tips on fish purchasing?

This dish is beautiful!

aaron and meg facer said...

Taylor! I miss the days when we used to cook together. I always had such a good time and learned so much. You really broadened my horizons.

Meg and I really appreciate this blog since we don't have food network. Thanks for the inspiration!

themother said...

Holy salmon Tay it's lovely--great trick with the can!

Sarah H said...

Looks so healthy and beautiful!

Matthew said...

Taylor, you are too hard on yourself. The food doesn't look charred.