Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Wife the Chef (Lemon Risotto with Mushrooms and Zuchini)

This post isn't so much about sharing a recipe as it is to demonstrate an important point.
Five years ago, Anne had never heard of risotto. Tonight she made a risotto that easily could have been served at any restaurant in Ashland (and we have some good ones here). I wish you could taste it. It had mushrooms and zucchini and it was enhanced by a little bit of lemon juice and homemade chicken stock that came from a chicken she roasted herself a couple of weeks ago.
Now for the real surprise . . .
I wasn't even home! This picture is of the leftovers!
The lesson you can learn from this is this:
Don't be intimidated by cooking. Anne loves risotto, so she decided to learn how to cook it. If there's something you want to eat--find a recipe for it and cook it. You might not nail it the first time, but you will learn and get better each time.
When you're trying something new, give yourself extra time and enjoy it. Turn on some good music, pour yourself a lemonade, and enjoy it.


Christina said...

What a sweet post - way to go, Anne!

I made risotto a couple of times this week inspired by you guys and Jack Bishop. We turned ours into risotto cakes. We dipped our risotto cakes in bread crumbs and then put them on an oiled cookie sheet for 425 for 20 minutes turning once. You can also use your leftovers in the same way and if you just have a couple of cakes just pan fry them in some olive oil until crispy. I thought they turned out really well!

aaron and meg facer said...

Way to go Anne! It looks delicious!

Joan said...

You cute, supportive, darling husband, Tay!
Anne, you're a rockstar. Your risotto looks delish (as you would say).
LOVE you both!