Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Best way to Zest

Sorry for the extended absence. I'm out of town, but blogging from my parents' house.
So, some people were wondering about the best way to zest so here's my input:
There are several different styles of zesters available, but the best ones are definitely made by a company called Microplane.
The tool was originally made for carpentry but people started using it for cooking so the company started putting comfortable handles on them and making different shapes and sizes specifically for food. This tool is so great because it just barely shaves off the flavorful outer skin of citrus while leaving behind all the bitter, white stuff. It also works well for hard cheeses, garlic, and especially fresh ginger.

Another popular zester is this version:
I don't recommend this version for making zest that you will use in recipes because it takes off too much of the white part and leaves too much of the orange part. It also leaves you with long strips that you have to mince before using. It does, however, work nicely for making decorations. The little curly strips of zest would look nice on top of a chocolate cupcake or the whipped cream on top of hot chocolate.


chloe elizabeth said...

I love my "zester"...it's not actually by "microplane", but it's essentially the same as their new ones. Good tools really make all of the difference.

The Burr Bunch said...

Thanks for this cool blog! My friend Jeanine told me about it. I'm learning all sorts of tools and recipes! I loved your garlic tips. I really need to use more fresh garlic. Thanks again!

liz said...

Well that's going on my Christmas list. Why did I never know about this?

Sarah Henrikson said...

Hey! Found your blog off emily's blog. I love it! I also remember the terrific food you prepared for your baby shower.
I like to cook too. I really like your recipes and advice.
I have a microplane, and I agree, it is an essential tool.

Sarah Henrikson said...

ooops, I mean HER baby shower.

The Ramptons said...

You are WAY behind!! we need new ideas! Get to it!