Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm Back--Again

So, do bloggers get Summer vacation? Well I took one anyway. We're back from Nova Scotia where we had a lovely time staying at a fantastic Bed and Breakfast called the English Garden. We also had the best fish and chips in the whole world. It turns out that haddock is a better choice than halibut--who would've thought? We were there with all of Anne's family and of course the guy with a food blog got nominated to make a few meals, which was no problem because I truly enjoy cooking if for no other reason than it is definitely the world's most appreciated hobby.

One night's dinner menu was decided by what would not require a trip to the grocery store, so we ate red lentils (of Esau fame). I didn't take any pictures of that one so I'll have to make it again some time because I rather liked it.

The other night took a little more planning and I made a dish from the Italian restaurant I used to cook at. This is a huge recipe (probably around 30 servings of the sauce), but what I do is make the whole batch and freeze some, then cook as much pasta as I need for each meal. So here it is:

Rigatoni with Sausage and Peppers

In a large pot,

Saute one, minced, yellow onion in olive oil until translucent

Add 5 hot, Italian sausages (squeeze the sausage out of the casings)

Cook the sausage all the way and break it up into small bits with the end of a spatula

Add 4, 28 oz. cans of tomatoes, pureed in the blender,

1 small can of tomato paste,

3-4 cloves of garlic, minced,

2 tbsp. salt

3 tbsp. sugar

black pepper

red pepper flakes (if you like it a little spicy)

2 fresh red peppers sliced into half rings (the freezer turns them into mush, so if you're going to make a large batch and freeze it, leave the peppers out until later)

Cook as much rigatoni as you need for your group (I use two handfuls per person) one minute shy of the lower end of the cooking time (if it says 14-16 minutes, cook it for 13, it will finish cooking in the sauce) in salted water, and use 1 cup of the prepared sauce per serving

Save one cup of the pasta water and drain the noodles. Dump the pasta into the sauce along with two spoonfuls of feta cheese per serving. If it looks dry, add some of the reserved water. Stir it all up and serve it with some grated parmesan.


The Innkeeper said...

Glad you're back! We ate this meal all week - so yummy! Thanks for the delicious food and the great ideas!

danielle said...

that is really unfortunate because I have a whole freezer full of halibut and I keep thinking to myself, "we should make fish and chips...I bet Taylor would totally be in on this as in know some really great way to do it. I still think we should.

Taylor said...

Hey, I'm all for a Halibut night. I love the stuff. I had just never had haddock and was surprised by how wonderful it was. Let's fry some fish!! Call us.

kate said...

Glad your back...but you and Anne keep teasing me with a post and then you disappear! no more of that! Well looks tasty as always! I'll have to give it a shot. I only wish I could have been at the B&B to enjoy your cooking! The last time was when you made us that squash soup at Halloween time. That was fun, but way to long ago!

Traci said...

Taylor, I bet you sigh after you read my comments because I am always trying to change your wonderful recipes, but...uh can change the Spicy Hot sausage for not-so-spicy or not-spicy-at-ALL sausage? I am a bit of a HOT food protestor. Would it taste as good?

Taylor said...

Traci--the hot sausage really isn't very hot when it's mixed up with all that sauce and pasta. If you leave the red pepper flakes out, it should be fine. We fed it to Blaine and other kids that way-no problems. Mild Italian sausage would work fine though if you're really nervous about it.

liz said...

I feel so lucky that I got to eat both of these dishes -- and thankful that you're so gracious about cooking for a bunch of people. I have to say, of the two, I actually enjoyed the lentil soup more. The pasta is so yummy, but a little rich for me. Perhaps because it was preceded by meal after meal of fish and chips, fattening appetizers, and rich, creamy foods of all sorts. It was all yummy, especially the parts you made -- thanks.

lori said...

mmmm...this looks like the delicious meal we had at your house! How lucky we are to have had it fresh from the chef himself!!
Testimonial: SOoooo good is this pasta!

Mrs. Cropper said...

Yes, nooooo worries about it being spicy AT ALL. I would like to add my testimonial that this dish is divine. It's one of my very faves, and I request it often.

The Ramptons said...

I just made this dish last night, and it is definately not too spicy (and I am a wimp) Jack (my 3 year old) ate a whole plate of it. And yesterday he thought his chicken nuggets were too spicy. Did I just type the words, chicken nuggets on this blog? ooops, sorry. This dish was sooooo yummy, and I have two ziplocks in the freezer to pull out for a quick din.

Jill said...

I think we will try this tonight! Glad you are back oh great chef!